Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another decent performance

I again made it to the top 10 with my impressions from Jordan:
Speaking of the column: If you thought I have an inflated ego (I know of at least one person who does), you are finally right: I do have an inflated ego after two week in Jordan: Being treated like the citizen of a regional superpower just felt great: Everyone was praising Turkish companies & products and of course the Turkish PM. Speaking of the PM, I am convinced that having him move to Jordan and become the PM there would be a definite Pareto improvement: Most Jordanians would love to have him, as I have heard some say that they would prefer him even to their beloved King. I and people who think like would love to see him go away. Of course, there is the problem of his supporters, but I believe they can be convinced to let him go under the pretext that he will help regional stability and even world peace...


Anonymous said...

Fun fact: did you know that the "beloved" dictator of Jordan is also known as "King PlayStation"? See:


also seen here attending to the needs of their population:

Emre Deliveli said...

Honestly, most people, either the people I interviewed or ordinary people on the streets, spoke very positively of him, but maybe because I am an "ecnebi":):):) The only critiques I got were that he could not oppose "America" and Israel.

But I did not know King Playstation and Queen Youtube; that's funny:)