Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I extend my reach

I recently came to agreement with RGE to have some of my stuff posted at their blogs. My inaugural post there turned out to be Monday's Hurriyet column. All part of my plan to take over the world:)

Anyway, in addition to submitting some of my Hurriyet and Forbes columns, I also plan to do a couple of original pieces for them as well; basically do a somewhat structured blog post. I kind of like the idea, as I hope that it will force me to be a bit more formal with my posts here:)

In the meantime, since everything gets posted in this blog as well, and I seem to have much more readers than I assume (I am too lazy to look at Google Analytics), I am starting to think that I may be cannibalizing my Hurriyet, Forbes and RGE pieces with the blog, but since I also like to use the blog as my vault, there isn't really much I can do about that.

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