Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ideas for the Hurriyet Daily News Column

I always tend to get really good ideas for my columns in the most unusual times: When I am driving, at Inonu or even erging. Anyway, I usually do not jot down these and when I do, it is invariably always illegible. So I decided to keep a weekly tab of interesting ideas for my columns. I plan to start the laundry list on Monday or Tuesday and then add in as new ideas emerge.

Of course any comments and/or suggestions are always welcome:

Let's see how it goes:
  1. The take from past week's data (especially growth and inflation).
  2. Revisiting my outlook for bonds and FX.
  3. A Hithchiker's guide to the Turkish economy (some common misconceptions like: retail investors will continue to support the lira, Turkey is eligible for the new IMF facility, CBT quantitative easing, tourism and exports will benefit from the weak lira, credit guarantee fund will not work- it's the leverage & confidence, stupid)
  4. Banking sector outlook (Banking on rate cuts while it lasts).
  5. Economist's take on the local elections (is it really the economy, stupid).
Right now, I am leaning towards 2, 3 or 4...

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