Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am back!

I had to stop my blog entries for a while due to a couple of unforeseen things like travel, too much work, etc (planning ahead is not one of strong points). Anyway, I am finally back.

As a first step, I plan to put in the unedited versions of my Hurriyet Daily News articles for the past month and a half here, as I also use this blog as an archive for those. Hopefully, I should be up and running in full gear tomorrow. But in the meantime, just for entertainment, here are two economist takes on the Turkish last quarter GDP figures, which were released just over an hour ago:
Q4 GDP data worse than expected

Turkey full year GDP better than expected
Sounds contradictory, but what happened is that the second and third quarter figures were revised upwards. Still, I find it interesting that the two economists have chosen to look at the data from two different views. I was expecting something worse for the last quarter and smaller revisions, so for me both the Q4 and the full year are better than expected! I guess the greater the bliss the smaller the expectations:)...

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